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Created for https://itch.io/jam/broughlike


Bat form allows you to move around the map the fastest and can allow collecting gems much faster.  When you know a monster will die next turn, try to position yourself axially to where you'd like to go next.  

In the early game, it it generally more efficient to regenerate health by letting monsters bleed to death next to you instead of picking up health.  Each time you pickup health, you're sacrificing a gem.

When moving toward a monster (lunging) in bat form, you will kill them instantly and remain in bat form allowing you to kill multiple monsters quickly however you will not have the chance to apply bleed so health may become a problem.

The monster spawn rate increases quickly towards the end of the game and some mana will most likely be necessary to survive until the end.  Ghost form is especially useful to survive the final turns but collecting more mana than you need will hurt your score.

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Cool game.

quite nice - i like the shifting bodily forms/powers. i wanted to do something for the jam with more of a bodily transformation theme but it didnt get there ~